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, set in a large single scene, not a narrative strip, was the first continuous comic character in the United States.

Outcault established earthy, strictly urban farce as the keynote of the early American strip, which thereafter grew in sophistication and sentimentality. It survived in syndication into the 21st century, under its sixth author.

was the first newspaper strip anywhere to be aimed at relatively intellectual adults and to claim philosophical significance.

The Superman formula of the hero who transcends all physical and social laws to punish the wicked was widely imitated.

The strip was executed in fairy-tale illustration style, with a conscious display of colouristic effects. At first set in a horse-racing milieu, it soon became a general interest comic.

During the years 1907–20 most of the major categories of American comics were established, including the first aviation, ethnic character, and career girl strips.

(1950–2000) featured a small band of young children, a beagle, and a small yellow bird and dispensed entirely with the usual adult foil.

The characters’ interactions and passions, which were of course easily readable as adult concerns, offered a broad psychological range without ever impinging on the political or controversial.The most important gag strip was , which started in 1918.


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