Dating chemistry

Should I date nice guys that I didn’t feel chemistry with? Well, I have given it some thought and asked a few people. “Spend time in prayer seeking God’s guidance about the relationship.” I strongly believe that too much focus is being placed on chemistry, or physical attraction.Allow me to share some points that I believe need to be understood when considering chemistry. If only there was a checklist to help singles answer these hard questions, like a Dating Red Flags Checklist… Chemistry means different things to different people. It can be described as a spark, that feeling, an instant connection.



They lean in and look around, like they’re telling you a secret. Turns out that looking at my “chemistry” with certain people gave me opportunities to find healing. “Character and behavioral traits are much more important foundational elements for determining the potential of a good relationship” Choosing the right criteria for a soulmate.


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    My interests are as following, almost all land sports (especially Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, etc.), I enjoy a good music in my ears, I play some video games occasionally, I also am a movies and TV series enthusiast, I like to travel all around the world, I like to hike and walk around in the city, and I enjoy a good meal. We could chat via Whatsapp (preferable), Line, Skype, or maybe Discord.

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    appeared in TV series, Alias for 3 episodes as Robin Dixon for 3 years since 2001.

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