Dating 3 months he said im smothering him

I wanted to wait until I could see you in person, but you need to know this now: I love you."It was beautiful and I reciprocated the sentiment immediately. Yeah, my girlfriend said similar stuff to me about my own history of rape, abuse, and self-destruction.My deepest fear is that the past I've put behind me is going to ruin the happiness in my future.Others say I should just enjoy the moment and not worry so much about the titles and see how things go.But I admit, I’ve been feeling a little antsy with things not really moving forward, and have considered texting grocery store guy.He had a tear in his eye and he told me, "That doesn't matter.I know how hard it must have been for you to tell me that, but I will never judge you for your past.It was at ~6 months instead of 3, but we were drunk and she said really emphatically in that drunk way where you kinda become a middle schooler "I lo-ike you so much". We know we love each other and it shows in how we act around/treat each other. we probably should work on telling each other more.



Some friends say I should move on but it’s hard to fault someone who has been so great, just for wanting to take it slow.

I'm so happy that happened 'cos she's the love of my life. He Han Solo'd me and was all "I know" after I said it. No "I love you" when hanging up the phone or saying goodbye or whenever people say it just to say it. i had been dating my current bf for about 8 or 9 months when i would start to randomly have these moments - i'd look at him or he'd do something - and i'd just think inside myself "man, i really love this guy!!


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    "Mallrats" was soon born, taking advantage of Smith's preoccupation with juvenile humor and loquacious dialogue, only here the raw edges of his humor are sanded down to fit teen comedy standards, resulting in a frequently amusing picture that feels a little deflated, displaying the timing and cinematic vision of a helmer perhaps too overwhelmed with professional demands to repeat his prior achievement. Unfortunately, a horrible accident has forced Brandi to take part in her father's game show pilot, and Mr. Smith isn't exactly working outside his comfort zone with the film, but the familiarity actually aids the feature in a strange way.

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