Color of roses meaning dating


The use of red roses as a symbol for love and romance has been around for ages.

Numerous early cultures used red roses as decorations during marriage ceremonies.

More specifically, roses come in seven different types: climber, floribunda, grandiflora, hybrid tea, miniature, shrub and landscape as well as tree roses.

The most popular red rose varieties are the hybrid tea, which is long-stemmed and usually produces just one flower per stem; and the floribunda, which is a bushy shrub that's more durable than the hybrid tea.

So in addition to "I love you," red roses can also convey other messages, including congratulations, job well done and respect.

Just like there are several different colors of roses, there are different strains of them as well.

Sending red roses to someone you're in love with--particularly on Valentine's Day or at the budding of a new romantic relationship--is a widespread modern tradition.As traditional as the red rose is, all of the different colors of roses have a special meaning, and if you really want to incorporate the “Language of Flowers” into your Valentine’s Day flower choices, you may want to consider something different.In case you’re at a loss for ideas, we combed through our inventory and came up with some unique suggestions.You don’t have to stick to the traditional red rose, (although we think they’re spectacular,) to use flowers to convey an important message to someone you love.


Long Stem Pink Roses We let these gorgeous roses speak for themselves.

Deep purple rose should be reserved for intimate situations.


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