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I felt just like I had seen an innocent angel lost in this cruel world...wanting to rebuild a piece of the quiet and blissful Heaven he was used to." Yunho wasn't sure why the police had shown up, slapping handcuffs on his wrists and forcibly taking him to the police station.

Both are really exited when they find out that they are going to Jeju-Island.

Minho (Real name: Choi Min-ho/ Hangul:최민호, born December 9, 1991) is a South Korean singer, actor, and presenter. His father, Choi Yun-kyum, is a well-known soccer coach.

He was coaching Daejeon Citizen former and now he is in Gangwon FC. Before his debut as a member of Shinee, he worked as a model. When Choi Minho was 16 years old, he was chosen as the youngest model for the fashion show that was produced by the famous designer André Kim. His specialties are acting, soccer, sports and Japanese.

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Summary: Kyuhyun thought that it was only possible in those fanfiction stories that were written about them. And now the genius evil maknae needs to figure out how to be a good mother to his "Little Evil Minion"!

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