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Competent Minister determines professions, businesses and crafts for which foreigners are prohibited from working.

Any person who violates the provisions of the law on organization of the work of foreign employees is liable to fine of not less than five hundred Egyptian Pounds and not exceeding five thousand Egyptian Pounds.

Labor Law does not provide provisions for paternity leave.

For establishments employing 100 employees or more, employer is obliged to provide for an in-house nursery, or alternatively, to take charge of placing employee's children (until the age of schooling is reached) in adequate nurseries.

The concerned Minister may designate certain activities which cannot be exercised by foreigners in Egypt, as well as the maximum number of foreigners allowed to work in establishments in Egypt.

Employer has the right to collect personal information related to the application for employment, compensation and benefits, as well as other provisions of the employer.

The minimum obligatory annual increase is set at no less than 7% of the basic salary which is the basis for calculation of social insurance.



However, an employee, occasionally may be required to work additional hours based upon need.Maternity benefits are paid at 75% of the last wage.


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