Bi iowa dating

There may be other sites better suited for this.can keep a profile there, and generic one herei'd suggest you try finding other married or attached women like yourself who are either curious or 100% bi also.well you should be upfront about your situation to them, an realize just like you want to invole your man into this that there will be some women saying the samething that they want thier man to join in also.if you want your husband there with you or to join in,,don't be mad when the other woman may or will want her boyfriend or husband to join in the act also.consider that.could check out some swingers clubs or certain websites that cater to couples an bi/lesbian or gay that might be intrested in that kind of thing.could also check out some gay an lesbian bars but don't be surprised if nobody that nite wants to go home with you an your man or maybe they just might want you an don't want him in the picture.the posters above me said an as i know alot of especially single bi an lesbian women,,will not want to be with or have anything to do with a woman who is currently dating or married to a man or anybody so to speak,,nobody really wants to have to share that special person thier being intimate with or be with somebody who doesnt have that same emotional an physical attachment for them also,it's just not fair to the other person thier single an your not,an they sure as hell wouldn't want to be involed with your man or anybodies man for that fact either,,..before you only decide to consider your feelings an your man consider that "other persons" feelings too an how they may feel about you an your situation.anybody wether male or female gay bi or straight,, first time an new exsperiences should just be between the 2 people who are there an involed,leave the husband out of it for now..Ok this is going to be a bit longer and probably a bit less funny than many of my posts but here goes.We had one woman a few times, but you really have to be careful. It wasn't HIS wish, he knows that I like to have sex with women too.(ah damn, I don't think I put that in my profile) but he wanted to please me, so he went along with it. If your husband is supportive, you can usually spot someone in a club.I'm looking for advice on how to meet someone or tips on how to break the ice..the big one ... It's a classic way that bi and lesbian women feel they've been used.


You may have meant that you live is a small community or have really homophobic family or friends that you don't want to know.if you're honest about what you're looking for, you're bound to find opportunity to explore it..


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