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There is a book I read called The Last Word on Power and I'm sure he's the actor she talks about. He was extraordinarily nice to me so I won't gossip about him.She was someone from EST who ran a workshop for actors. R182 He's cut, somewhat above average in length but thick, and a great kisser.As a millennial, I was familiar with Selleck and his famous stache, but I never explored his sex appeal due to other, more contemporary options that the media sold me. He was and is a hunk, and knowing that he was always such a genuinely good guy makes me his newest fan. [quote]He hated to cuddle That's what I call a dud fuck.At the height of his youthful sex appeal he had a walk on part playing a professional roller skater date for Rhoda on either her show or MTM's. He told me that the elaborate precaution of having the supposed bf booked into a hotel at the other end of town was the talk of the crew. Even now I wouldn't mind busting his ass like a balloon. I gather that Selleck was fired from the CBS daytime soap The Young And The Restless because TPTB thought his voice was too high and effeminate.His high, prissy voice is what was the big turnoff. And within a few years he was that network's biggest star.


The blue plaque coming up, amidst questions of possible fraud happening.(Ok, trying this again because I linked to a bad site apparently! Just watched THE PRINCE OF TIDES for the first time. Unfortunately they broke my jaw and couldn't get the bleeding to stop from where the teeth came out.I watched "In and Out" yesterday and he still looked pretty hot then. A few people on the Net claim to have slept with him.


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    Police discovered Vidana's body after he committed suicide.

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    After about a month there were roughly 1,000 members on there from all over the World.

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    Guy Spy Voice members are guaranteed a happy ending! If you are going to call a chatline, this underground chatline might happen to be your best choice.

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