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Unlike some of the other sport listed here Hurling has a documented history and it is very popular in Ireland.A game pretty similar to field hockey can be traced back to ancient greek where some of the graphics discovered shows paintings people playing some sport with a curved stick/horne and ball.Now boxing is one of the most popular sport in the world.

Boxing is a combat sport and one of the most popular comat sport in the world.

Ever wondered which sport is the oldest in whole human history ?

We dig deep and managed to the top 10 sports which are officially the oldest sports in the world.

It has a long and illustrious history in modern times.


While historicly speaking “fist fightïng” as a sport has evidence from 2nd and 3rd millenium BC but the fist fighting with hand protection is believe to be in existence from 900 bc to 1500 bc.

The Sheffield FC is the oldest professional football club which was formed in 1857 and soon after that football modern rules were introduced and the first professional cup competition now known as FA Cup started.


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