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While investigating the drugs in the shipment, Batman is stunned by Dr.Jonathan Crane, an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist on Falcone's payroll, who sprays him with a powerful hallucinogen.Rachel is briefly confronted by Crane, but quickly wards him off with a taser before being chased by more inmates.After saving her, Batman reveals his identity to her, and leaves Gordon in control of the Batmobile to stop the elevated train used to transport the weapon to the city's central water-hub.Ra's, who had been conspiring with Crane the entire time, plans to destroy Gotham by distributing the toxin via the city's water supply, and vaporizing it with a microwave-emitter stolen from Wayne Enterprises.Bruce dismisses his guests by insulting them while pretending to be drunk, and fights briefly with Ra's while the League set fire to the Manor.When he was eight years old, Bruce falls into a cave while playing with his friend, Rachel Dawes, where he encounters a swarm of bats.


As a man, I'm flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed, but as a symbol..a symbol I can be incorruptible. Batman is a superhero and the protector of Gotham City.Bruce overcomes his childhood fear of bats in the process.When he is ordered to execute a criminal and learns of Ra's intention to destroy Gotham, he refuses and escapes by lighting the League's temple on fire, killing Ra's in the process.Before he can act, a woman posing as a reporter kills Chill for Falcone.

Bruce tells his childhood friend Rachel Dawes about his plan, and she expresses disgust for his disregard for justice, stating that his father would be ashamed of him.After administering the antidote to her in the Batcave, he gives her two vials of it for Gordon – one for inoculating himself and the other for mass-production.


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