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It’s only the nature of her business that might make the men at Revenue and Customs look twice.Kirie’s company comes under the banner ‘adult modelling’ although in real terms it’s a bit more than that: she’s a prostitute – she prefers the word escort – plying her trade from a motor home in which she travels all over the country, while her driver-turned- ‘business partner’ sits in the front coordinating her next appointments via her website.As Sun Online revealed last week, Kirie - who says she is in her thirties - was unwittingly caught up in a blackmail scam when a serving police officer attempted to extort money from one of the punters who had visited her van while it was parked on an industrial estate in Luton.The first Kirie knew of it was when a detective arrived at her home in Whitby, Yorkshire, to question her about her potential involvement.


"I offer a whole range of services - nothing phases me really although there are things I won’t do – I won’t see anyone under 21, I won’t do any rough stuff and I won’t do animals," she says.

Born and bred in Yorkshire, the daughter of a single mother, she had a conventional upbringing and did well in her school exams but after initially training as a nurse - not to mention spending some time working in a factory making chess pieces – she turned to sex work in her mid-twenties.

"I knew people that ran sex parties and I thought ' I could do that'.

"He’s not in that world at all – he’s a music composer for video games," she says.

"I met him when I was 25 and, although he wasn’t happy when he realised what I did for a living, I made it clear that this was who I was and if he wanted to be with me he had to accept it." Today the couple share their home with two dogs and eleven rescue cats.

"I keep myself to myself so I don’t talk to many people," she says.


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