Adolescent dating violence prevention education funding ohio Srpski chat uzivo

Chronic Illness Management: ,640 North Coast Health NCH provides coordinated, patient-centered care to underserved patients with chronic disease.

Through this program patients receive care that improves their quality of life and improves or stabilizes their overall health.

Adult Guardianship Services: ,660 Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry AGS provides comprehensive guardianship services, including chronic disease care management and access to healthcare, to vulnerable adults (adults with dementia and adults with severe mental illness) in Cuyahoga County.

Trained staff and volunteer guardians serve as advocates and surrogate decision-makers.

This program utilizes focused trauma-recovery interventions and an empowerment model to promote healing from trauma and foster self-management addressing life trauma and its consequences.

Community-Based Sexual Assault Prevention Education: ,600 Cleveland Rape Crisis Center CRCC prevention programs educate on root causes and costs of sexual violence with the goal to stop sexual violence before it happens, reduce its stigma, and expand community understanding of the issue.

Emergency Insulin Program: ,870 Kidney Foundation of Ohio, Inc.



TF-CBT for Moms and Kids in Crisis: 0,000 Frontline Service This program uses Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), an evidence based practice, to address the urgent practical and emotional needs of women and children experiencing violent encounters in the home.Treatment disrupts the intergenerational cycle of abuse leading to improved social, academic, and occupational functioning and resilience to stressful events.Trauma-Informed Counseling: ,320 Beech Brook/Family Health Program Beech Brook’s Trauma-Informed Counseling Services help youth who have observed or survived a traumatic life event, if not a lifetime of adversity.Chronic Care Coordination Program: ,740 Care Alliance Health Center Care Alliance’s Chronic Care Coordination Program is dedicated to supporting chronically ill patients in managing their illness and appropriately utilizing primary health care.

To improve patient health and quality of life, Care Alliance provides wrap around, comprehensive services beyond the traditional primary care visit connecting patients to needed resources.Adult Case Management: ,950 Epilepsy Association The Epilepsy Association’s Adult Case Management Program provides person-centered, culturally competent services to low income individuals to facilitate the coordination of care for persons living with epilepsy and a comorbid mental health condition.


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