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Commitments are formal pledges to expand access to voluntary, rights-based, high-quality family planning.Since the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, more than 90 governments, multilateral organizations, foundations, the private sector, and civil society partners have become commitment makers.These are similar sentiments which are being heard locally in the English speaking regions of Cameroon."But the international community is unable, unwilling and does not have the appetite to take strong measures which could put pressure on President [Muhammadu] Buhari of Nigeria and President Biya of Cameroon, therein lies the problem." The EU, US and rights group Amnesty International have all spoken out against the violence in Cameroon."These two [separatist movements], are pulling their respective countries apart," Johnson said.


Cameroon commits to conducting advocacy to increase the State‘s budgetary allocation for reproductive health to 5 percent per year by 2020 and for family planning to 5 percent per year by 2020 and to mobilizing donors, including the private sector and civil society, to finance family planning.

The Government of Cameroon commits to ensuring the mobilization of the budget line for the actual purchase of contraceptives, establishing a mechanism to subsidize family planning services for the most vulnerable users, notably adolescents and youth and women with disabilities, and strengthening the multisectoral commitment to family planning.

The government also commits to disseminating reproductive health and family planning framework documents available to the government and implementing the priority interventions chosen and to institutionalizing the use of certain methods utilized in community outreach, notably pill and injectable contraceptives.

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Cameroon’s country page provides access to family planning data, key government strategies, plans, and documents, and the latest research and news to support the work of all those committed to increasing access to voluntary contraception.

People in two of northeastern Nigeria’s six states say militants with ties to Boko Haram are still in control of areas despite the federal government’s unwavering stance that it has defeated the Jihadist militant group.



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